A Helping Hand

Here another lesson learnt:

where there’s people, there’s conflict and unexpected hospitality.

The conflict part comes when me and my roommate are urged to return the fees to the other two Hong Kong exchange students who both abruptly left the dorm the second night of arrival (as mentioned in the previous post ()). Since the four of us signed on a contract, the two of them should not really ask for a refund. The attitude posed wasn’t friendly at all when they asked for the money. As if, money itself wears down the facade of respect between strangers. It reveals the dark materialistic side of humanity, which is scary.

The first weeks of arrival wasn’t easy, but I’m very glad that I’ve met someone who is very kind to help us through, Haibo.

Haibo is a local student living above our room and we met him through his Hong Kong roommates. If you’ve read my previous post (), you might know I’m unable to take a shower/use the heater the first 2 days, let alone eating at the canteen. So, we’ve met this local student, who seemed a typical Chinese student, quiet and polite. We got to have lunch together and he offered to pay for us with his card while we give him back cash. Also he helped us with setting up the router so we don’t have to rush to the library to activate the wifi.

The point is, we’ve only met for a day, yet he has offered to help in so many ways. This is a stark contrast from what those two money-craving individuals did.

At the time of writing, I just texted Haibo, and unfortunately he has left for his hometown in spite of my invitation for lunch together. I hope the friendship will persist.