Current State - Jan 2018

Writing takes time and effort. I was thinking of jotting down bullet points but that oversimplifies things. I want to put down something like a year-end review.

From time to time, I would just think, in my head, how nice it will be if I started my own blog and wrote stuff on and off. I would show it to my friends and garner a bit of traction. I would be writing about things I like, such as tech, life and little tidbits of my life.

I didn’t do so.

Instead, I spent my time reading other people’s blogs and always postpone on getting something on my own.

This has to change.

Back to the topic. Let’s rewind a bit.

I originally wanted to make a post like this in Dec, but due to the above reasons I didn’t. So what happened in December of 2017?

It was a month of joy and self improvement. I got admitted to a fund for building my startup idea and I made a few cool friends that nudged me towards the cryptocurrency world.

Most importantly, all the experience I had boiled down to a single idea - to build a community of things I love.

If you still want to know more, check out the prototype of this community website here.

#community #future