Handling Priorities

It has been approximately three weeks since the internship started. Today we get to move to the original office and it feels so much more at home. It does make you feel more productive when there are unlimited snacks and drinks in the pantry :P

Anayways, in this post I will cover my thoughts on handling priorities. It has dawned to me that priorities should be set by yourself. Not others.

For me, I have so much I need and want to do after graduation. I want to hone and sharpen my professional skills (coding, analytical, softskills) and also expore all the possibilities of the working style. I wish to be able to work efficiently and at the same time feeling rewarded (materialistically/mentally).

Sounds very ideal, right? It has always been busy in life during my college time. I feel like I am pushed forward by all these ‘priorities’: get good grades, get good internships, build useful connections, be a good project member/leader…

But you seldom question whether you want to do what you do, nor do you go and validate your feelings towards what you do. It is always for the sake of a better future, your future. It could come from peer pressure, comparison, parents’ opinion, relatives or the society, forcing you to believe what you should be.


We need to treasure the time for thinking about what to do, while practicing the art of planning. The process of planning can give you peace of mind and also give you confidence in your life.


This blog piece seems a bit jumpy but please bear with me! (writing this after midnight when my mind goes jumpy too)

More to come in the next few days!