Interview Materials

Why would you like to work in Global Research at HSBC?
Talk me through a recent news story which has interested you (financial markets based).
Who is your role model in the financial industry?
Why is it important that businesses have values?
What do you think the world will be like in 2050?
Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?
What is your greatest strength and what area do you need to work on?

Why Global Asset Management?
How you think the world would look like in 2050, how does it affect HSBC and Banking industry as a whole?
Recent news event? How does it affect Banking industry?
why are values important for a company? what are HSBC’s Values? What should be the values of banking industry as a whole?
What skills you think are required to succeed in your field?
Describe a time when you had to interact with people of areas different than yours?
Describe a time when you thought of something creative? What was the outcome and what did you learn?

Motivation and Mission
Turning the idea itself from a laid-out business proposal into reality and facing the unchartered validation from the harsh real world. That means it could be market-fit or too-advanced. Or the market does not even exist, yet. There is this fear of rejection from within, that you feel you are not good enough. Not because of seeking external validation, but self-doubt. To overcome this, the support of partner(s) is crucial.

Another challenge is maintaining clarity. It is very easy to be side-tracked by the investments or expectations others put into your idea. Being able to raise a lot of funds does not mean the idea is a successful one. Success cannot be replicated and repeated. Every path is different and success can only be pursued with the greatest humbleness and determination.

I aspire to transform the way people see possessions, as not just ‘my stuff’, but ‘our stuff’. Possessions should no longer all be proprietary or exclusive to just one person. You can be co-owners of your favourite items to share the benefits when you needed them the most. And you don’t have to worry about the risk of losing the item or damage from a total stranger, because you will share it with your fellow friends.

The program will offer network and funding for the evolution and further tinkering of our idea of sharing possessions and throughout the process it could create more value for clients as a whole. Personally the program can bring in new perspectives and allow me to collaborate more effectively with people coming from all walks of life.

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