On Track?

Last 2 days make me finally feel like an intern, because we are finally given some data to play with! It is my first time to get something done under the assumption that I do not fully know what to do with it! There are just a few things I have in my pocket:

  • Python (for outputting some statistics)
  • Tensorflow (for neural networks)
  • Javascript (for the frontend data display)

I did plan on using some machine learning techniques on the data since the goal for us is to detect fraud in the data, kind of like email spam filter to detect spam and ham (non-spam) emails.

A few challenges I’ve encountered since then:

  • company laptop does not allow install of software (cannot use Virtualbox to connect to Hadoop clusters for more computational power)
  • the data itself has no feature matrix (means we have to implement our own filter features)
  • task objective is to find unique features for the detection, which I have no idea…

Yesterday was the first overtime (just 0.5 hour). I hope it doesn’t get later :D

#summer-2017 #uber-internship