Project - Membership Site


Elapsed (3 months - ongoing)


A complete redesign of the current Membership Site. From visual to content creation.

GRAV vs Wordpress

Inital decision to drop Wordpress and use GRAV as development framework. Since it is faster and has a smoother interface.

I managed to convince the team to use it because of a lower learning curve and ability to edit with an Admin Panel.


28-30 June
Side-tracked to build a landing page for a campaign within the site. Content is editable from the Admin Panel. Still exploring the API login mechanism. It seems a client library is needed to handle the Oauth2 Authentication.

27 June
Started a rough layout of the site. Separating the static content (news and promotions) with dynamic one (online shop and event manager).

28 June
Getting a feel of how GRAV Plugins work. It’s event-based and is very well-structured.

22 July
Started with a sign-up component.

22 July - 30 Aug
Finalized the whole site.

  • Online shop
    • Took a while to sort out the order receipt in the form of email issue
    • Mobile Responsiveness
    • Swipe to shop (infinite horizontal list to swipe)
    • Extended the checkout function for Google Analytics E-commerce Plugin
  • Event Page
    • Integrated with youcanbookme
    • Used webhooks to record sign-up count (pageview with Google Analytics)
  • Membership Management
    • Most troublesome part as the point calculation is complex (described here)


  1. Unable to logout properly
  2. Forcing HTTPS on a GRAV site ()
  3. Migrating a Wordpress site to a subdirectory ()

Sep - now
Goal: How to gather data from Google Analytics and generate meaningful reports.

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