Race With Time...

Exchanging in Shanghai has always led me to a race with time on various occasions. The race has already started the moment I set foot on Shanghai grounds.

We exchange students have been informed there will be a pick-up service a few days before the semester starts, so that the whole batch of us will be transported to the campus directly from the airport. We were told the transport will leave at 1pm, implying our flights should land around noon. And so my flight safely landed at around 11am. I was never going to worry about time, even at the luggage claim, until a long queue was formed near the arrival gate. Bullocks. A spontaneous and unnecessary security check, right before travelers get greeted at the arrivals.

Eventually, luckily, I got to the exchange student group on time and arrived at Shanghai Jiaotong University without sweat.

Let’s fast-forward to the 3rd day of arrival. The day before we’ve gone out once to Xujiahui(徐家汇) to pick up some essentials. This day is my first time getting a hot bath in this 7 degree weather, since we didn’t manage to get our campus cards charged. The shower works like this: you go out of the dorm and walk to this shower complex, put your stuff in lockers, then walk into the showers and touch the campus card to the sensor next to the water valve. You then get a bright red number 2 which decrements with time as hot water gushes out of the showerhead. You HAVE to race against time as the number decreases because that is money. If you can save a cent ($0.1) that means you can save about 3 dollars a month, with which you can buy food/drinks.

Tomorrow will be the first day where classes start. I’m already looking forward to knowing the professor and students there. (I sincerely hope I can get a pass)