Has Hong Kong's Government Opened Its Data?

In January 2019, the Hong Kong Government’s OGCIO (Information Office) declared 80+ departments have released 650+ datasets. However, the progress of release are scattered across those 80+ departmental websites. Meaning that, in order to obtain the full progress of Open Data in the government, one has to visit and download 80+ PDFs individually. [1]

In light of the situation, I have created a curated list on 開放數據 Open Data in Hong Kong which will be updated over time. Hopefully this can give you a sense of how to approach Open Data and what projects have been created.

Check it out: My Open Data List

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  1. 【開放數據】政府計劃文件竟是83份PDF 要人手逐份下載逐份睇 - HK01
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