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Project - Membership Site

DurationElapsed (3 months - ongoing) ProblemA complete redesign of the current Membership Site. From visual to content creation. GRAV vs WordpressInital deci...


Project - Automating No API Sites

Duration2.5 hours ProblemTo check whether a list of web domains are taken or not LogFollowing up a previous post (), I can finally announce my success in aut...

Tech Digest

Tech Digest 220617

Uber adds tipping >> Tesla hires deep learning exprt Andrej Karpathy for autopilot >>


Project - Matching Conditions

Duration2 hours ProblemA fellow intern invited me to solve this problem. They need to find the difference between the actual and expected cost of an item, an...


Handling Priorities

It has been approximately three weeks since the internship started. Today we get to move to the original office and it feels so much more at home. It does ma...


Trying New Things

What to do when you need data from a website but it does not have an API? An Application Programming Interface provides a set of definitions for interacting ...


Project - Visualizing Data

Duration2.5 days LogBeen working on transforming data into an intuitive interface like a dashboard. Since there isn’t a robust way of passing data around and...


Solving String Similarity

ProblemThe main focus today was to identify the similarity between two strings and derive the relevant records from a query. To better illustrate this, let’s...


On Track?

Last 2 days make me finally feel like an intern, because we are finally given some data to play with! It is my first time to get something done under the ass...


Marketing Oh Marketing

Turns out rolling out marketing campaigns need a bit of creativity and execution. When you’ve already done it online, you should take it to the next level by...