Fullstack Booking System

Photogram Studio

In 2021, I worked with Photogram Studio to develop a custom booking system.

Previously, they were relying on a vendor solution that did not allow customers to update their booking.

The client needed a new and custom self-serve booking management solution as part of their website revamp.

Web Application
Fullstack Booking System

Building an availability-filling photo studio booking system

With a focus on maximizing utility of available time, the client requested a feature to allow a regular booking of 15-minute duration to “fit” in a 10 minute slot, so that the total number of bookings per day can be maximized.

In order to achieve this, I have designed a conditional check for the system to allow 10-minute bookings when all 15-minute slots have been booked. This way, even as different customers amend or cancel their bookings, the available time can be utilized to the full extent.


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